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US-2010031647-A1: Hydraulic Circuit Device patent, US-2003145378-A1: Mosquito net frame patent, US-2003183334-A1: Process for the manufacture of a decorative laminate patent, US-2003199534-A1: Kinase inhibitors patent, US-2004056838-A1: Image input apparatus and method patent, US-2004126515-A1: Wood-plastic composite having improved strength patent, US-2004144723-A1: Method and device for providing a fuel patent, US-2005006284-A1: Method and apparatus for separating fine particulate matter from other materials patent, US-2005064284-A1: Alkaline dry battery patent, US-2005065973-A1: Region-based memory management for object-oriented programs patent, US-2005091461-A1: Incremental data storage method, apparatus, interface, and system patent, US-2005241817-A1: Heat spreader with controlled Z-axis conductivity patent, US-2006011931-A1: Ic package with an integrated power source patent, US-2006220143-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-2007034390-A1: Aerosol fire extinguisher patent, US-2008023136-A1: Adhesive tapes patent, US-2008259717-A1: Extruder patent, US-2008279377-A1: Method and system for scrambling media data in real time patent, US-2009037170-A1: Method and apparatus for voice communication using abbreviated text messages patent, US-2009099751-A1: Homogenous charge compression ignition engine and controlling method of the engine patent, US-2009207565-A1: Ducted Air Temperature Sensor patent, US-2003185420-A1: Target detection method and system patent, US-2003193063-A1: Metal structure for a phase-change memory device patent, US-2003220716-A1: Method and apparatus for automated design of chemical synthesis routes patent, US-2004007510-A1: Method of sorting mail for carriers using separators patent, US-2004100584-A1: Video output device patent, US-2004121744-A1: Method and apparatus for producing mobile radio signals patent, US-2004136542-A1: Auditory sense training method and sound processing method for auditory sense training patent, US-2004165510-A1: Reproduction signal processing apparatus patent, US-2004167927-A1: Method for concurrency control for a secondary index patent, US-2005099077-A1: Magnetic coupling using magnets on a motor rotor patent, US-2005135947-A1: Engine cooling fan motor with reduced water entry protection patent, US-2005153657-A1: Multi-beam antenna transmitter/receiver and transmitting/receiving method and transmission beam selection method patent, US-2005175413-A1: Stress limiting device for offshore oil reservoir production pipe patent, US-2005178323-A1: Liquid applying apparatus and ink jet printing apparatus patent, US-2006048090-A1: Simulation of aerial images patent, US-2006084210-A1: Method of forming a low thermal resistance device and structure patent, US-2006129570-A1: Method and apparatus for maintaining multiple sets of identity data patent, US-2006138416-A1: Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2007125615-A1: Oil pressure supply in an automatic transmission patent, US-2007252473-A1: Dynamo-electric machine rotor patent, US-2008060684-A1: Flat surface washing apparatus patent, US-2008204668-A1: Bathroom Projector System and Projector patent, US-2009041799-A1: Physiologically Active Substance NK13650P3, Method of Producing the Same and Use Thereof patent, US-2009123863-A1: Method for producing a toner for electrostatic image development patent, US-2009170032-A1: Method of manufacturing electronic device patent, US-2009208160-A1: Bearing assembly patent, US-2009224790-A1: Electrical testing probe assembly having nonparallel facing surfaces and slots formed thereon for receiving probes patent, US-2009231378-A1: Method for increasing printhead reliability patent, US-2010054021-A1: Memory Device with Multiple Capacitor Types patent, US-2004142627-A1: Soap film forming and viewing toy patent, US-2004232420-A1: Active matrix organic light emitting display and method of forming the same patent, US-2004247784-A1: Process to coat granular and powdered materials patent, US-2005119887-A1: Method of speech recognition using variational inference with switching state space models patent, US-2005236144-A1: Liquid-cooled projector patent, US-2005246315-A1: System and method for abstracting state transitions without requiring client knowledge patent, US-2005276707-A1: Draw back pump patent, US-2006137871-A1: Air conditioning method patent, US-2006268956-A1: Method and apparatus for measuring spatial temperature distribution of flames patent, US-2007087226-A1: Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with high medium S/N patent, US-2007151646-A1: Heavy-duty tire patent, US-2008176199-A1: Prompting System For CPR Delivery patent, US-2008287892-A1: Wound treatment system patent, US-2008313836-A1: Brushes patent, US-2009228163-A1: High-Voltage Vehicle Fault Detection Method and Apparatus patent, US-2009234888-A1: Method and system for producing a mood guided media playlist patent, US-2009281789-A1: System and methods for maintaining speech-to-speech translation in the field patent, US-2009322634-A1: Loop antenna patent, US-2010078377-A1: Fluid filtration system patent, US-2003156556-A1: Feedback of channel quality information patent, US-2004007547-A1: Extreme duty commercial/industrial strength space saving variable size wall mounted welded solid steel tool rack/display patent, US-2004086820-A1: Arrangement and method for reducing build-up on a roasting furnace grate patent, US-2004189199-A1: Plasma display panel patent, US-2004252460-A1: Housing with active external cooling and at least one electronic component with heat-dissipating capacity patent, US-2005106353-A1: Phase-change optical recording medium patent, US-2005131892-A1: Natural language web site interface patent, US-2005134824-A1: Grating patch arrangement, lithographic apparatus, method of testing, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby patent, US-2005264943-A1: Hard disk driving carriage and method of producing the same patent, US-2005274838-A1: Spinning-reel sounding mechanism patent, US-2006007553-A1: Device for producing a bundled light flux patent, US-2006101058-A1: System and method for transforming legacy documents into XML documents patent, US-2006050191-A1: Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2006173851-A1: Systems and methods for accessing data patent, US-2007123826-A1: Guide wire torque device patent, US-2007296315-A1: Cabinet With an Integral Framework for Air Conditioner Installation patent, US-2008042486-A1: Method for Producing a Balance Weight for a Vehicle Wheel and the Thus Obtained Balance Weight patent, US-2008066429-A1: Guiding, Distributing and Filling Device, and Method for Use Thereof patent, US-2008114804-A1: System and method for interoperating with foreign objects from a single language computing environment patent, US-2009044100-A1: Staging Electronic Publications patent, US-2004046371-A1: Passenger airbag module for a motor vehicle patent, US-2004126265-A1: Porous metal structure body and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2004192809-A1: Process for the continuous preparation of high-viscosity silicone compositions patent, US-2005053817-A1: Membrane electrode assembly for a fuel cell patent, US-2005266475-A1: Method for determining an analyte patent, US-2006157816-A1: Isolation structure in field device patent, US-2006286293-A1: Method of zinc plating and powder coating residential gas meter set assemblies patent, US-2007006544-A1: Interlocking panels patent, US-2007176294-A1: Thorough wiring board and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007235194-A1: Packer apparatus with annular check valve patent, US-2007255711-A1: Method and system for property-based indexing and/or querying of web service resources patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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